PLAY X STORE Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs & Cats Self-Cleaning for Long and Short Hair Pets


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PLAY X STORE Poodle Brush. The Quick & Easy Way To a Smooth Tangle Free Coat For Your Pet

Product features:
Get A Professionally Groomed Silky Smooth Coat in Minutes!
Our cat and dog grooming tool is better than a pet rake for getting rid of loose and knotted hair. The pet brush will get through the thickets coats removing and preventing tangling and matting

Reveal your pet’s beautiful coat with our pet slicker brush, the dense pins on the pet comb help remove thistles and thorns that can stick to your pet’s coat.

Even after one quick 5 minute session you will notice a big difference with our dog and cat grooming tool, your pet will look and feel great!

When you’re done brushing your pets, just click the button and the bristles retract making it easy to remove all the hair from the brush in a single swipe if it doesn’t just fall off on it’s own!

Keep the bristles retracted when it’s not in use, and it will keep the grooming brush safe and easy to store in your grooming kit.

Fine bent wire bristles are soft and designed to penetrate deep into the coat to groom the undercoat without scratching or irritating your pet’s skin.

Great for finishing and striping as well as just getting out burrs, foxtails, prickly weeds, or anything else that sticks to your dog or cat as they romp around outdoors.


  • 150° Angle Design. To gently remove mats tangles and loose hair from your dog’s coat. Very conducive to cleaning up.
  • Stainless steel pins soft. The stainless dog brush massage your pets undercoat and their coat will look healthy and shiny.
  • Easy to Clean up. After you’re done, press the button and the hair will wipe off instantly!
  • Comfortable & Durable. Slicker Brush is especially designed with a comport-grip and anti-slip handle. Effectively prevent slip out while you are brushing.
  • Great Tool for Pets. This matted hair brush is convenient to carry when you go out with your pet. You will have better experience play with your pet. Best slicker brush for large dogs and best slicker brush for small dogs.


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